Baby in the Bucket: DIY photo project


baby in a bucket

How to photograph a baby in a bucket

Baby in the Bucket

This newborn baby photograph will be very similar to the photo of the baby in the flower pot.

1 Choose a nice back drop or a fun background

2 Place bucket on the ground

3 Place a small towel or object that will make the bucket stay in place and not roll around

4 Fill the bucket with towels and soft fabrics

5 Place soft fabrics on the ground for the baby to use as a towel

6 Place the baby in the bucket and have the baby lay down side ways

7 Photograph from above

8 The camera must be pointed straight down

For this photograph you can place the background paper or material on the ground as that is your background.

Now this has to be large enough to go up a bit and to hide any other thing in the room.

On this photo a wooden backdrop was used.  Here is a similar one and where you can find it:

Blue Wood Backdrop

This site has many other possibilities for you.

For you to create a photo that looks more like this one:

Instead of having the newborn baby laying down on the floor when you photograph:Place some soft towels and small pillows in the bucket and have it stand up right.  Create a support for the baby to sit up by filling it with rolled up small towels and cloth.

On the upper side of the bucket:  Add extra towels under a beautiful cloth. This will be for the baby to place his/her head and arm.

It will be best to attempt this with a very young baby who may be sleepy or sleeping.  Move the child slowly so not to wake them up.

There is another possibility and that would be to add the baby in Photoshop.  That would require taking several photographs and putting them together.

My idea is to show you some simple solutions to create some fun baby photographs.

When I show you a photograph there will be many ways to attempt to do this.  I try to take into consideration the child’s safety (super important!) and I am taking into consideration how to do this and have fun.  Minimize the frustration level by keeping it nice and simple.

1 When you photograph newborn babies you need to be so attentive the whole time.  The newborn baby needs to be comfortable at all times.

2 The room temperature needs to be warm so that the baby’s skin color does not change.  Chance are that this may be too warm for anybody else!

3 The best thing to do is to have a second person watching the baby while you photograph.

4 Place towels all over so that things do not move

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