Baby in a Wide Container: DIY photo project

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Baby in the Container

Baby in a Wide Container or a Box.

Newborn baby photography tips.

This one can be done using a box as well.

1 The background is the ground so you can choose a simple white paper or choose a pattern backdrop.  Here are some ideas:

Paris and Valentines

Polka Dots

Black Rock and Grass

2 Find an open container and place a pillow or several so that the baby will be on top of the container.  In other words you do not want the baby inside as the sides will create a shadow on the baby and that will not be complimentary.  Raise the baby with soft pillows.

3 Photograph near a window and use a continuous light or a strobe if necessary

4 Wrap the newborn baby with colorful cloth or scarves

5 Stand up just above the baby and point the camera straight down

6 Be attentive so that you do not create a shadow on the baby

Camera or Phone Camera?

It does not matter!  🙂  These projects are done in a simple way so that you can photograph with a complex camera, a point and shoot or you phone camera.


The idea is to make sure you are working with enough light so that your images will have a good exposure.

So…Place the set near a large window.  If there is not enough light invest in a pair of continuous lights and have them face the ceiling and bounce back down.  Do not have the lights facing the child as it may create an unwanted type of light.  Lighting is complex so the way to keep it nice and simple is to:

1 Place the light near the baby set

2 Have the light face the ceiling

3 The light will bounce off the ceiling and reach the baby and the set in a lovely soft manner

4 Pay attention to the lights as you may need to move them around

Sleeping Baby or Wide Awake Baby?

This particular photo may work out really well both ways.  The only thing about a sleeping baby is that it will be easier.

When the newborn baby is asleep you can move him/her around and basically get any pose you want.  When the baby is awake you will need to negotiate the pose or add extra rolled up towels to avoid any quick movements.


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