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All the photographs of my baby are …Well… I only have photos of my baby crying!  How do these photographers get all these wonderful photos

newborn baby, newborn photography, baby

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and I only have …a crying baby?

newborn baby photography,newborn, photography

My crying baby!

What am I doing wrong?


Hello!  From Marguerite:  You are doing everything right!   I know…I know…It  does not seem like it but the truth is that photographers take MANY photographs and they spend many hours at a time with a baby.  One photograph is going to be just great and there will be a bunch of others that will …Well…They will be funny, sad, frustrating… and almost there!

That is not to say that there are photographers who aren’t able to take about 20 images and 18 will be fabulous ones.  (That will also depend on the baby having a really good day.)


Be quick.

Photograph a lot.

Take breaks and then go back to your photo session.

A good photograph can be of a crying baby!  Don’t get stuck on the outcome!

Photograph some more the next day…It may be a better day for your baby.

newborn baby, baby photography, sleeping baby

sleeping baby

Sleeping babies may be a wonderful subject.  Does your baby like to sleep after eating?  Then photograph right after feeding him/ her.

Did you know that many of these photos are composites?  Composites are when you have 2, 3 or more photographs in one.

As we were discussing… Sleeping babies, yes that is the way to go.  Newborns are really easy to photograph when they are sleeping.

Toddlers are a bit more of a challenge.  They are more aware of their surroundings and therefore may not feel comfortable with the strobes or the poses they are being asked to do …   Do you know what the other problem may be?  They may hate the clothes that they are wearing!  Yes…as you know, toddlers begin to choose and we, the photographers and the moms + dads need to listen to them.

toddler photographs, baby photography

How do we bribe a toddler?

Ask your toddler to help choose the clothes, the background and have them participate in the planning of the photo session.

A toddler will need to be bribed!  Yes!  So true!  It will take some good chatting, showing fun toys, making funny noises and being super active.

My suggestion:  Always work with an assistant!

Mom: You photograph while the assistant works with your toddler.


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