Baby and Angel Wings: DIY Photo Session

This is a fun photo shoot with many possibilities.

The important thing here is to photograph this with a solid color background.  The reason being is that you can change the background later by using a software.  If you do not want to use a software and want to keep the photo session simple you can do that too.  Lets just do the simple and fun for now.

Lets start with the image of a baby and angel wings so that you have a good visual of what I am discussing.

How to photograph a baby

Baby and Wings

How to photograph: Baby and Angel Wings

1 buy baby wings. You can find them in costume shops and don’t forget to checkout ebay  or Etsy for them too!

2 Use a plain backdrop.


Choose a backdrop that will give you the exact background that you want!  Here are some ideas:

Starry night backdrop

Reversible backdrop

Blue marble-like 

Photograph near a window and you may need to use extra lights.  Strobes if you know how to handle them or continuous lights will also work.  Just make sure that you have plenty of light.

The key here is to keep it really simple.

Let the child move around and do what she/he wants.  Move with the child and photograph from different camera heights and angle.  Do take many photographs with the camera at the baby’s eye level as they will look very realistic and in proportion.

If you do not want to set up a studio inside here is a second option:

baby photo

Baby and Sky

Now another option is to go outside and use the sky as a backdrop.  The challenge here is to find a safe place for the child and to be able to see plenty of sky.

I do have an idea for this:

1 get a lowish table and place it outdoors

2 cover the table  with a fluffy rug  (you may need to add several fluffy rugs to give an impression of a fluffy cloud)

3 place the child wearing the wings on the table.

4 place small rolled towels on either side of the child so that he/she will stay in place.

5  photograph from a lower angle.  Point the camera up and make sure that the background is filled with the sky (only).

6 Now you have a baby and angel wings with  the sky as a background.  All done out doors in what we call a pleine air studio.

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