Babies, Hands and Feet

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It’s All in the Details!

Baby hands Photographing details of babies such as hands, feet part of faces can be so much fun.  When the baby is sleeping this is a fun photo session because it does not require much preparation.  You will need to set up the lights and then all you do is mover around and search for angles. Do keep checking the background to make sure that it’s de cluttered and there is nothing to compete with the baby’s hands and feet.  Choose soft colors that will emphasize an emotion.

baby hands, photo, newborn photography

A Special Bond

Isn’t this a fantastic bonding moment.  Simple image that says a lot.  It seems to tell a story.  There is  special visual bonding.  This may be a bit of a challenge to do on your own but not impossible.  Baby’s hand on one hand and camera on the other.  The white background and white baby clothes add a lot to this.  Nothing is taking our eyes and heart away from the connection. Compare to this photograph that is a bit darker.  See how the whole mood changes? newborn hands, photo hands, baby   The soft focus is perfect.  We can only see part of the hands and the folds around it are framing it well.  The problem here is that the hands are looking a bit blue and dark.  This could be that the baby was becoming cold or that the exposure is a bit too dark.  The white balance in the camera could be a bit off too! Look at the big difference when you add more light.  So much softer! baby hand, newborn hand   Always work with a lot of light! I love this next one.  Baby and mom.  Now this you really need to be with a second person.  No way that you, mom, can do this on your own.  Well I suppose you could put the camera on a tripod and run! mom, baby, feet, baby's feet   About photographing baby’s hands and feet. Learn how to photograph your newborn baby
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