6 Tips for the Phone Camera

Is your main camera the phone camera?

I have some tips for you.

For the holidays: Photography portraits.

First of all choose a fabulous background.  If you don’t have one…create one by de cluttering the background and showing details pertaining to the holiday.

Make sure that there are not pointy objects coming out of people’s heads!

Lighting:  This is crucial. Many phone cameras have a flash that is quite potent.  I love to use this little light as a helper.  I have two of these.


A fabulous little light that even changes colors!

6 Tips for the Phone Camera

TIP: Don’t place it on the actual phone.

Did you know that the worst light is the one that is placed right in front of people…at eye level.

So place the lights on either side.

Tip no 2:  You can use your camera flash and place one of these on either side of the phone camera and light up everyone.

Tip no 3: Place a transparent paper in front of this light so that the light will be more diffused and pleasant.

By placing the transparent paper in front you will have a much softer light.  No harsh shadows!

By the way you can do the same with your camera flash: place a very transparent paper over it to soften the light.  Just be aware that the light will not be as potent but it will be so much more natural!

Tip no 4:  The best thing is to use a tripod!  Can you believe this?  Well if you are photographing your family and you want to be in the photo, you will need one anyways.  So, get a good tripod.  You will be amazed with the difference.  Photos will be just as you planned them and you will have a photo with you that looks great.

Tip no 5:  Get a self time app.  I have an iphone so I can help you with that!  Self Timer-Timer Camera is for free and there is an upgrade for a fee.

Tip no 6:  You can get those fabulous little lights at Photojojo!

I hope that you can use these 6 tips for your phone camera!

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