5 Tips for safe Newborn Poses

Do you know how to do safe newborn poses?

I think that the first thing I will address is how everyone wants to do the froggy pose.  Many people don’t realize that safe photographers do not actually take that photo as one photo.  It’s a series of photos, it’s a composite.

The cool thing about this is that there has been quite a bit of “how to’s” all over the internet.  They show you how to do the 3 or more photos and then put them together with a software.

1) Choose the photo that you want to create and then research it.  It this looks like a pose that may be challenging or that makes you nervous: Do a composite.  Remember that when you photographing a baby the baby needs to be comfy the whole time.  Newborns don’t have strong neck muscles so they cannot keep their heads up.  You will need to have someone hold their heads lightly and then remove that hand with a software.

2) Forget those challenging poses and go for the simple one and work on your camera height and angle to make it more interesting!

newborn baby, baby photography

So the top left images would be done with composites.  The other poses are very simple poses that rely on good props and colors to enhance the photographs.

3) The side pose is a wonderful pose, specially if you show the hands and feet.  Look at the black and white photograph.  The baby is raised by pillows.  I have seen more and more photographers simply changing the angle of the camera to give the illusion that the baby was raised.  Even more safe!

4) Babies on their backs shot from above are beautiful.  The pose is very easy to do and you can make it unique by playing with props.    If you shoot straight down you will be able to show the face nicely and not distort the face.

5)  Baby on it’s tummy.  This does not always work for newborns but you can try it.  If the baby does not like it: Change the baby’s pose quickly!  But…some babies do fine.  This is when you can have the baby’s body face down but the face will be side ways facing the camera.  You can also shoot this only framing the face.  You can place the baby’s hands under it’s face and it’ will look adorable.

Keep the baby safe and happy throughout your photo session!



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