3 Newborn Photography Tips

Work more with composites.

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Here is the thing, we need to work in a safe manner and think about the environment that we create for the photo sets.  The most important thing is safety.  the baby needs be safe at all times.  So lets talk about posing and sets.  We have seen babes on strange objects that look like they are doing a balancing act:  They are not.  It’s a composite.  Many people create the baby froggy hands on the face balancing act with a composite.  Babies hanging on a tree: Composite.

So it will be necessary to learn how to do composites in a super realistic and natural manner.  Learn how to work with our software.

A note:  There are people who photograph babies in unique poses without doing a composite.  My tip:  do a composite and work in a safe way.  You will, of course, work in the most efficient and professional manner, for you.


Keep them simple.  This is so important.  When doing newborn photography you do not want the props to take over the whole photograph.  Remember it’s all about the baby.  The props will help you tell the story.  Many times you do not need to show the whole prop.  For example, if you are photographing the baby in a box, you can just show the top of the box.  It will add enough texture to create a more dynamic photograph.


Use color to put the story together.  It can be to tell if the baby is a girl or a boy or a color can just describe a mood.  So if you are photographing a baby girl you may want to use different shades of pink and even add some pastel violet colors.    Soft colors are better for newborn photographs.  And..I will contradict that right now by saying that I have seen a few very interesting shots with strong colors like chocolate brown.  When working with strong colors, keep the light very soft.

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I like to work with diffused light.  The softer that better.  Avoid any shadows because they will be distracting.  Work near a very big window, use strobes and very large umbrellas or soft boxes and use lots of reflectors.

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