10 Tips for a Successful Photo Session with your Toddler!

I am going to work a bit more around the idea of costumes, seasons, and family photographs. My last post about baby photography was all about showing different costumes and telling you all to just have a great time.
Meanwhile I received a few e mails asking me how to do a successful photo session with their toddlers.

Do I have a super tip?

The answer, sadly, is no!
Isn’t that terrible? But the truth is that we all know that when we are photographing our kids all sorts of things come to play. The role of the adult as a parent will over shadow the photo session.

So tip no 1:

Pretend that for the next hour or minutes that you are the hired photographer.
2) Do not tell you child to smile right off the bat.
3) Do a few tests to see how the light is before you bring the child in and then invent a game that will entertain the child.
4) Children love to fool around and jump up and down. Keep them busy and photograph while they are in action.
5) When they least expect it, get them to pose and smile or even better do something that will get them to smile.
6) Attention: You have a very small window of opportunity and you need to be quick!
7) Ask someone to come with you while you are photographing and get them to entertain with a toy or by saying silly and fun things.
8) Avoid giving orders. It will turn the game into a task.
9) Have the child change clothes or help you change the background. Again the idea is to keep them busy.
10) Go with the flow. You may need to hand a plastic camera to the child and pretend that it’s their turn to photograph. You may need to stop and do this at a later time. You may need a short break.
Last of all: If all fails, just photograph what happens in front of you. You do not have to show it to anyone if It’s not what you want!
Have fun with your family photo session.
Marguerite Beaty
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